Group Show Submission
Submit to a group show - $20


One submission fee covers all your submitted images. Fee must be received by the submission deadline listed on the call for art and is non-refundable.

1) Click on the link to read the Framing and Presentation Guidelines, then click the circle below to send your acknowledgement:

I have read the Framing / Presentation Guidelines

2) Remit your Group Show Submission Fee - $20.00 by credit card or check:

Or, send your payment to:
McKinley Art Solutions 731 South Van Ness Ave Suite 1 SF, CA 94110
make checks payable to:  McKinley Art Solutions


Please do not send third party checks or cash.   Write the name of the show on the MEMO line of your check.  If paying by check, send a notice of payment (list the show title in the subject line) to info @

3) Directions for sending your images and show list information will be sent upon receipt of your submission fee payment notice.

  • if payment is made with a Paypal account, you will be automatically directed back to this site to the page containing the instructions needed to complete the submission process
  • if payment is made with a Credit Card (securely processed through Paypal) or by Check, email info @ for the link to the instructions needed to complete the submission process
  • Accepting electronic submissions only.  Accepted formats for Images and Submission List information are contained in the submission procedures.