'Serenity' exhibit series at UCSF Women's Health Center



Sponsored by the UCSF National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health and curated by Matt McKinley, the 'Serenity' series invites Bay Area artists to present a body of work that interprets the idea of ‘serenity’ in order to inspire relaxation, well-being and calm.

With the understanding that wellness is a holistic ideal, these artists create work that will enrich the environment of the Women’s Health Center in order to engage and uplift visitors and staff alike. The exhibit covers 5 floors of the Women's Health Center: 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 which each artist displaying a complete body of work on their respective floor.  
Since 2007 the 'Serenity' series is the San Francisco Bay Area's l longest running exhibit series focused on positive, healing and uplifting artwork.  Curator: Matt McKinley


McKinley Art Solutions and UCSF National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health are pleased to present SERENITY: UCSF TAKEOVER: 


~ meet the artists: Wednesday, Oct 9, 2019 5:30pm ~

Dr. Latifat Apatira - floor 3
  James Rodriguez - floor 4
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Brian Auerbach - floor 5
  Dr. Rahmat Balogun - floor 6
  Lennell Allen - floor 7

Serenity: UCSF Takeover

Featuring Dr. Latifat Apatira, James Rodriguez, Brian Auerbach, Dr. Rahmat Balogun, Lennell Allen. This installment of the Serenity series was co-curated by Dr. Rahmat Balogun and Matt McKinley of McKinley Art Solutions. The artists participating in this exhibit are affiliated with UCSF as current or former instructors, administrators, physicians and technicians.

“The ‘Serenity’ exhibition series under the guidance and management of Matt McKinley invites artists to showcase a body of work that inspires relaxation, well-being and calm.” – Dr Nancy Miliken, Director 

Now in its 11th year, the ‘Serenity’ series has provided opportunities for over 150 local artists working in mediums from paint to print to photography, drawing, found objects and wire! 

Exhibit open Monday – Friday, 10am – 4pm;  Sept 19, 2019 – Jan 29, 2020

Open to the public;  free


About the artists:

Floor 3 artist Dr. Latifat Apatira MD MPH is a mixed-media artist, botany enthusiast, and physician. Apatira makes black-ink, hand-pressed monoprints, drawing on the inspiration of California native and naturalized plants from the roadsides of the Bay Area, her own humble garden, and the lands of friends and neighbors. The complexity of her prints are enhanced with watercolor washes to create natural, yet somewhat stylized works of art.


Floor 4 artist James Rodriguez beieves the boundaries of the photographic frame give new context to moments we might miss. Our vast world offers up imagery that comforts, bewilders, disturbs, amazes. He likes to think that he merely funnels that imagery and that is “just the messenger.”


Brian Auerbach, showing on Floor 5, is greatly inspired by the concepts of Wabi Sabi and Yugen, textures, shadows, light and dark as foreground expression. He is surrounded by nature and hopes to capture its power in his photographs. Brian don’t necessarily take pictures of things, he composes with the elements available.  He considers himself am a landscape photographer in the broadest sense.


Floor 6 artist Dr. Rahmant Balogun experiments with various shapes, techniques and colors exploring her inner emotion and relating it to the complexity of our universe. She has a way of expressing herself through art using the abstractness of shapes and experimenting with seemingly simplistic techniques to create a final piece that seeks to touch the heart and soul of its viewers. During the creation of this particular series of pieces, Rahmat gained inspiration while she was learning to speak German and immersed herself in the German language and culture.


Floor 7 artist Lennell Allen combined a professional career in scientific microscopic imaging at UCSF with a lifetime love of personal photography.  On merging these two worlds Lennell shares, “Art and science share the magic of seeing, of imagining things beyond the ordinary and obvious, attention to details. I can’t separate the two processes. I’ve spent my life encompassed by both. Technology changes in unimaginable ways but creative perceptions and wonder continue to inform the process. We evolve; the world is a better place for this.”


About the ‘Serenity’ Exhibit Series at UCSF:

Since 2007, UCSF Center of Excellence and McKinley Art Solutions have presented artists whose work inspires ‘serenity’ in order to facilitate relaxation, well-being and calm.  This exhibit series, curated from a pool of invited participants, is the largest continuously produced show in the Bay Area focused on promoting the healing capacity of art. The venue, UCSF Women's Health Center, the only nationally designated Center of Excellence in Women's Health in Northern California, is recognized internationally for its expertise in providing comprehensive, specialized care for women's health issues and is recognized as one of the top hospitals in the nation for gynecological care.