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The art world's most comprehensive and accessed source for income and exhibition opportunities.  Enjoy real-time access to an extensive and ever growing resource of local, national, and international announcements, with comprehensive descriptions and direct access to contacts, prospectuses and applications.


$15 / image (special price subject to change)
For each image you get: 
high resolution TIFF image for printing
72dpi jpg image file for web;
RAW files; Images saved on CD or DVD
  Your images hosted on our server available for 24/7 access   
Framed or work under glass - no problem - all media, one piece or  complete catalog
Professional, high quality digital images at competitive rates. 
Easy parking, loading dock and freight elevator make it easy for delivery and pick up!


Call 415-505-3060 to schedule an appointment



The Bay Area Models Guild

The Bay Area Models Guild supplies nude and figurative models to artists in all media.  The oldest, largest, and most successful organization of its kind in the US, the BAMG has been connecting artists and models since 1946.





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QR Barcode Generator

 GeneratorThis site features a QR Code Generator, which allows you to create a two-dimensional barcode that can be scanned with a camera phone. These QR Codes can contain a URL, contact information, a calendar event, and much more.


MesArt is the most popular art hosting service on the Internet. We were rated #1 art hosting by Google, Yahoo, MSN, Netscape, AltaVista and AOL. MesArt is also among the top 10 in Google's "artist listing" category, which includes over 52,000,000 web pages.

MesArt's website allows artists to showcase, advertise, promote and sell their artwork over the Internet. It is a place at the crossroads of a gallery, a store, a marketplace, a community and a global network. MesArt is created and designed by artists for artists and is the home of quality fine art, design and handmade original crafts.

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Precision Slides and Scans of Artworks and Products

Bob Hsiang provdes excellent slides, transparencies, scans and digital versions of artworks and product lines. 
He has serviced the creative communty of the Bay Area for over twenty five years 
Information for studio time can be obtained at 415.225.4281 
All images are copyright protected by the artists.