Call For Art > CFA: 'Like A Tom Waits Song' deadline FEB 23
CFA: 'Like A Tom Waits Song' deadline FEB 23
ARC Gallery, San Francisco -- Jan 25, 2014 --
“Like a Tom Waits Song” National Juried Exhibition  -  Deadline: February 23, 2014

Step right up! With a handful of glitter and a roaring blast through a dented megaphone, Arc Gallery announces a call for art based on the inherently visual musical world of Mr. Tom Waits.   "Like a Tom Waits Song" will shine a bright dingy yellow spotlight on artwork in all media and all genres, from figurative crooked scarecrows wearing black bowler hats, to narrative environments inhabited by surreal Waitsian characters, to the abstract, the conceptual, the absurd and the down-right bizarre and everything in-between.

Waits has said,  "Songs are really just very interesting things to be doing with the air."  The atmosphere he has created over the years is a dense tapestry of visual images and narratives that create a palpable mood and feeling about the mysterious places that we call home and the places we are going and what we have seen. 

It is often said that an image is worth a thousand words.  But somehow, Tom Waits with his lyrics, utilizing only a few dozen words, conjures up intense images in our imagination that visual artists are hard pressed to match.  On top of his words, he layers familiar and strange sounds and melodies that complete the images that penetrate our minds and hearts.

- for song lyrics, see:

This open call is for all artists who have found themselves deeply moved, enraptured, bemused or inspired by Tom Waits, because if they went out and listened to his music and then decide to submit, then hence they were in fact moved, enraptured and bemused etc… Has his music ever transported you to a dusty desert town or an abandoned train yard or a glowing, gritty neon rainy city street filled with steam? Listening to his music do you come away from the experience with a flash of inspiration embodying his lyrics? Like Tom Waits, do you tell tall tales and spin yarns with your work?  If so, we want to see it!

Sculpture, painting, drawing, photo, printmaking, ceramics, assemblage, collage, mixed media, fiber art, artist book. This exhibition cannot accept jewelry, video, film, performance art, installation and works requiring an external electrical source.

Arc Gallery, 1246 Folsom St, San Francisco 94103

JUROR: Andrea Schwartz of Andrea Schwartz Gallery in San Francisco, CA
Andrea Schwartz graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1977. Her background as an artist has assisted in her understanding of the perspectives and idiosyncrasies of the art world. For over twenty-five years the Andrea Schwartz Gallery has supported work that is challenging and at the forefront of contemporary practice, representing a select group of mid-career artists from the Bay Area and throughout the country. The range of work includes paintings, works on paper, photography and sculpture.  See:

A Juror’s Award ribbon and certificate will be presented to three works that express the most imaginative interpretation of the  theme. 

February 23rd, 2014

May 3, 2014 - June 21, 2014