For visual artists and writers
Miramonte, CA -- Feb 1, 2011 --


STONEHOUSE RESIDENCY is a not for profit guest residency instituted to benefit the visual arts faculties of colleges, universities and high schools. However, all serious artists and writers with professional standing in their fields or who demonstrate promise will be considered for invitation.

STONEHOUSE RESIDENCY is located on a mountain ranch in Miramonte CA, just outside Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks:

Stonehouse Residency for the Contemporary Arts
P. O. Box 52,
Miramonte, CA 93641

Julie Harcos and John Huneke
47694 Dunlap Road
Miramonte, CA 93641

e-mail: or
telephone: (559) 336-9985

Six residencies of four weeks each will be provided during the normal summer month vacation times (e.g. three guests during June, and three from mid-July to mid-August). Three residencies of three or four weeks each will also be provided in the April time frame, if there is demand. Writers are encouraged to apply for winter times, when the studios are untenable. During the remainder of the year, visits may be arranged at the discretion of the patrons. Artists are the houseguests of the patrons of Stonehouse for the duration of their stay. Repeat visits are encouraged.