Call For Art > Recology SF - Artist in Residency Program - deadline AUG 31
Recology SF - Artist in Residency Program - deadline AUG 31
'The Dumps' / San Francisco -- Jun 25, 2010 --


Artist In Residence

Recology San Francisco

Application 2011 - deadline AUG 31


Recology San Francisco’s Artist In Residence Program is seeking applications from artists for residencies in 2011. We encourage artists working in all mediums to apply, including painters, weavers, musicians, writers, performers, photographers, printmakers, videographers, and conceptual and installation artists.


Before submitting your application, you are required to take a tour of the facility (we recommend visiting us before you begin writing your proposal). If it has been more than two years since you have been on a tour, you must schedule another one. Tours are offered on the third Saturday of every month. Please call 415- 330-1414 to make a reservation.


Application Schedule:

Applications are accepted June 1 - August 31, 2010.

October, 2010. (tentative) Selection committee reviews materials and selects people to interview. Applicants will receive email notification, so please make sure your correct email address is on the application form.

November, 2010. (tentative) Interviews will be conducted in the afternoon. The selection committee will choose finalists immediately following the interviews; applicants will be notified by email or telephone within one week.


Please send the following items:

  • Cover letter with a list of all materials enclosed (not to exceed one page)
  • Application form  (two pages)
  • Resume (not to exceed three pages; please see instructions )
  • DVD or CD (see guidelines)
  • Proposal (not to exceed two pages; please see instructions)


Application materials, including DVDs and CDs, will not be returned. Please do not send additional materials, such as letters of recommendation, newspaper clippings, postcards, etc. You may mention them in your cover letter, and we will ask for them if needed.




Proposals should not exceed two pages. At a minimum, answer the following nine questions. Be sure to provide a 100 word version on the application form.

1. Describe your goal-asuccinct statement of what you hope to accomplish.

2. Describe any specific projects you have in mind and how you would go about executing them.

3. What types of materials are you most interested in and how would you use them?

4. Do you want to interact with the public or employees? If so, how?

5. What can you accomplish here that you can’t do somewhere else?

6. How do you think you can help the program achieve its goals?

7. Does your proposal involve any special costs? If so, describe them. 

8. Describe any special assistance you would request from Recology San Francisco staff. 

9. If you would like to create artwork for our sculpture garden, please describe and provide a sketch.


Resume and Exhibition Lists

Do not send more than three pages. Please arrange your exhibition list on your resume by year. Indicate solo versus group shows and the duration of each show. Include clear headings to group your items. Here is an example:

2009 Solo Shows • Compositions, YXYZ Gallery, SF, 2 months

2009 Group Shows • On the Edge (performance), Fort Mason, 1 day • Edith and Archie (film & video screening festival) New Arts Theater, Oakland, one day • New Beginnings, MFA Group Show (photography)

College of Art, San Jose, 1 month



You may submit six images; they must be submitted on a CD. Use good quality images in JPEG format that are no larger than 2 MB. Images must be accompanied by an image list in a text file with title, date, size, description, and media. We no longer accept 35mm slides.


Video & Audio

You may submit video or audio files on a DVD or CD with your application. We accept MPEG-4 video files and all standard audio files. Each video and/or audio clip must be no longer than one minute. No more than two clips may be included. Each clip must be accompanied with a description. You may submit a combination of videos and images as long as the total number of files does not exceed six. Questions?



If you do not receive an email by September 10, 2010, confirming that we received your application, contact us immediately by calling 330-1415.



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