Call For Art > QCC presents 'Chronotopia' - deadline to submit MAR 1
QCC presents 'Chronotopia' - deadline to submit MAR 1
The past, present and future of queer histories
SOMArts Cultural Center, San Francisco -- Jan 5, 2010 --

 Call for Entries

International - LGBTQI Artists

National Queer Arts Festival 2010

Queer Cultural Center @ SOMArts Gallery, San Francisco

CHRONOTOPIA: The Past, Present and Future of Queer Histories

June 2010

Deadline for submissions: March 1, 2010

All Media including video, installation, net art, performance


In keeping with the theme of this year’s National Queer Arts Festival,

“Making History,” the Queer Cultural Center announces the “Call for

Entries” for its Visual Arts Exhibition Chronotopia, which will take

place in June 2010 at SOMArts Gallery, San Francisco.


Chronotopia will present work that engages QUEER HISTORY as its

catalyst. This exhibition explores the past, present, and future

temporalities of queer people and records our histories in new and

challenging ways.


We are looking for work that captures the multiple dimensions of time

and place; that locates the self or selves in relation to communities;

and that remembers historical moments that are framed and/or re-framed

by our present. We encourage alternative approaches to the historical

record that challenge a fixed chronology of events. We seek a

multidimensional vision of our queer history that is open to limitless

potentialities and vantage points where conflicting desires and

narratives coexist, where ghosts converse with the living, where we

imagine impossible possibilities, and where we explore meaning and



Submissions may include documentary and autobiographical work as well

as fictional or fantastic representations of past, present and future

queer communities. We encourage artists to submit real or imaginary

documentaries, archives, genealogies, memorials, queer(ed) histories,

time capsules, collages, remixes, mash-ups, irreverent reenactments,

salacious secrets, fabulous fabrications, messy misinterpretations,

unspeakable things unspoken as well as utopic, dystopic and

chronotopic visions of queer history.


CHRONOTOPIA curatorial committee includes: Cheryl Dunye, Tirza True

Latimer, Rudy Lemcke, Matt McKinley, Pamela Peniston, and Tina Takemoto.


Submit the following by March 1, 2010


Submitting by email: Please send the following to


1. 2 to 5 jpegs of available work. In your email please include the

following identifying

information: title, date, medium, dimensions, and owner/lender (if


* If you are submitting a proposal for an installation or a

performance please

submit a detailed description and plan for your project.

* If you are submitting a DVD or a CD that contains your work sample

please send it to the

address below.

2. A brief resume

3. A brief statement explaining how the proposed works address the

exhibition's theme.


If you are submitting work via snail mail please send the requested

material (above) to:

Queer Cultural Center - Qcc

Attn. Curatorial Committee

540 Alabama Street, #322

SF, CA 94110


Note: Arrangements and expenses for shipping/delivery/retrieval are

the responsibility of the artist. All non-installation and

performance work must arrive/be delivered "ready to hang." Artwork is

insured by the gallery during the exhibition.


If you have any questions please contact