Call For Art > 'Noir' - deadline to submit: SEP 7
'Noir' - deadline to submit: SEP 7
San Francisco, CA -- Jul 14, 2009 --

 McKinley Art Solutions presents:


From dark humor to dark corners, the concept of 'noir' refers to a humanizing dark vulnerability palpable in the atmosphere of a scene that is experienced by the characters and felt by the viewer that speaks to pregnant moments full of complex of emotions.  Anxiousness, foreboding, fear, diabolical amusement, despair, obsessive desire - these complex emotions represent the crossover space at the intersection of base emotions (like happiness, love or anger, for example) and ominous situations that are unsettling to experience and unmistakable in their power.  Typically suggestive rather than graphic, a 'noir' presentation relies heavily on a viewer's own vulnerabilities (fear, apprehension, curiosity with the macabre) to fill the mood of the scene based on cues given by the artist, as if both parties are complicit in leading each other down a path with an indeterminate, potentially unpleasant, outcome...

Curator: Matt McKinley

This exhibit is produced by Matt McKinley of McKinley Art Solutions and sponsored by Polarity Post Productions. Each artist may submit up to 6 pieces for review.  2D submissions in all mediums are eligible for submission.  Pedestal based or free standing 3D work will also be considered for this exhibit.



Notification Date: Friday, SEPT 18

Show Dates: Oct 17 - Jan 16, 2010
Reception: TBD

Venue: Polarity Post Productions, 69 Green St (x. Battery St.) SF, CA

Delivery: Saturday, Oct 17, 9:30am
Pick up: Saturday, Jan 16 ,2010 9:30am


Show Fees: 
Submission Fee:  $20 – submit up to 8 thematically-related images
Participation Fee:  $30 – due upon receipt of acceptance notification



Submission Process:   
Deadline to Submit: Sept 7, 2009

1) Follow the links below for instructions on how to submit images and show list information, paying the submission fee and reading the presentation guidelines:



2) All artists will be contacted by the notification date.  If your work is selected, you will receive instructions on how to complete the participation requirements.


Commission:  60% of sales and 50% of rentals paid to artists

All work will be listed for sale with an option for rental.


All work is insured while on display.


Questions about the show?  Email: