Call For Art > There Is Still LIfe In A Still LIfe DEADLINE TO SUBMIT SEPT 21
There Is Still LIfe In A Still LIfe DEADLINE TO SUBMIT SEPT 21
Sep 7, 2008 --

McKinley Art Solutions presents:

There is Still Life in a Still Life

    In iterations from abstraction to realism and all points in between a still life composition uses the physical space and presence of an object – both the positive space it occupies as well as the negative space it shapes – to explore ideas ranging from capturing the intrinsic beauty of an ‘ordinary’ object to studies on the considerations of light, spatial relationships, form, color relationships and visual perspective that lead to unique expressions within the genre by the most dedicated practitioners. A focused stream of thoughts concentrated on exploring one or more elements of interest in a visual field, composing a still life is, I think, a satisfying process.

Curator: Matt McKinley

This exhibit seeks to show contemporary variants on the still life genre and is open to all media, including sculpture.

This exhibit is produced by Matt McKinley of McKinley Art Solutions and sponsored by Polarity Post Productions. Each artist may submit up to 6 pieces for review.

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT: September 21, 2008

Notification Date: September 24
Show Dates: October 4, 2008 – January 10, 2009
Reception: Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Venue: Polarity Post Productions, 69 Green St (x. Battery St.) SF, CA

Delivery: Saturday, October 4, 9:30am
Pick up: Saturday, January 10, 2009, 9:30am


Show Fees:
Submission Fee:  $20 – submit up to 8 thematically-related images
Participation Fee:  $30 – due upon receipt of acceptance notification



Submission Process:  
Deadline to Submit: September 21, 2008

1) Remit your Submission Fee prior to sending your Submission List and Images:


2) Once your payment has been received you will be sent directly to the Submission Procedures page if your payment comes from a Paypal account.  If paying by Credit / Debit Card (processed securely through Paypal) use the button provided on the Paypal payment confirmation page to return to McKinley Art Solutions’ website, following the instructions to access the Submission Procedures link. If paying by check, send notification of payment made to to request the Submission Procedures.

mailing address:
McKinley Art Solutions
Attn (the show name)
731 South Van Ness Ave Ste 1
SF, CA 94110

Slides or photographs will not be accepted.

3) All artists will be contacted by the notification date.  If your work is selected, you will receive instructions on how to complete the participation requirements.


Commission:  60% paid to the artist

All work will be listed for sale with an option for rental.


All work is insured while on display.


Questions about the show?  Email: