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Spring Fever

McKinley Art Solutions - Mar 09 Newsletter

In looking for a positive spin on this recent rash of wet weather, I’m choosing to view rain as a metaphor for cleasing and renewal – the first signs of Spring! As stimulus seems to be the buzz word across all levels of society, I invite you to use the momentum of renewed energy brought by Spring to consider stimulating your environment with a piece of original artwork that speaks to your persona. Positive thoughts create positive actions and positive actions create positive change! It’s all in the mindset you choose…

Art lives on!

View images:

Barack Obama serigraph available – details in ANNOUNCEMENTS section

Information about upcoming submission deadlines, including the deadline for registering with the SF Arts Commission for consideration for public art projects, can be found in the ANNOUNCEMENTS section at the end of this newsletter.



Curator’s Talk – 6pm sharp

Expressions of feminine power painted in oil on canvas by Jan Small at the Mezzanine Gallery at Hotel Triton

The rich color palette of Jan Small’s most recent nudes combined with confident brushwork imbue a strong kinetic energy that radiates from each work. Essentially portraits of feminine power, all at once bold, sensual and assertive, the female form as rendered by Ms. Small communicates a statement of empowered confidence informed by positive body image.

Evident in the emotive quality of her lines and daring color palette, “I am most influenced by the French Impressionists and German Expressionists,” Jan reveals.

Oakland native Jan Small began her formal art training at the age of thirteen. Ms. Small studied at CCAC (California College of Arts & Crafts), SFAA (now Academy of Art University) and CASA (College for Students & Artists Aboard) in Paris, France. She has studied under Stella Stevens of the Chicago Art Institute and Howard Brodie and Jacques Fabert from SFAA. Her work has been shown previously at Maxwell Gallery in S.F. and most recently at ArtworkSF Gallery. Ms. Small currently resides in San Francisco.

Show dates:    March 4 - April 15, 2009

Venue:   Mezzanine Gallery at Hotel Triton
342 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94108


rsvp requested to by 3/24

‘Floral Portraits’: Intimate portraits of flowers painted in oil on canvas by Terence K. Stephens at 2223 Restaurant

In order to capture the individuality of each of his ‘subjects’, Terence K. Stephens composes intimate portraits of floral ‘faces’ to prove that, just like people, no two flowers are exactly the same. Given this treatment, in the spirit of a Chuck Close portrait - revealing and raw - the imperfections revealed celebrate the uniqueness of ‘one’, freed from the constraints of superficial grouping with ‘the many.’

Terence K. Stephens received a B.F.A. from the University of Utah and an A.A.S. from Utah Technical College in graphic design. He has also studied fine art in Avignon, France and Washington, D.C. Terence served on the board for the Center On Contemporary Art in Seattle and his works have been shown in the Seattle Asian Art Museum. He was commissioned for several murals in both San Francisco and Seattle. Terence counts as his inspirations, “travel and everyday experiences and to have art experienced by everyone” he encounters.

Show dates: Mar 11 – May 5

Venue:    2223 Restaurant
      2223 Market St. SF, CA 94114

NEW SHOWS (1) – MARCH 2009


ARTsoup 19
A diverse sampling of work in all media by
local and national artists promoted to film and commercial
companies for sale and project-based rental. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

After March 17, view images from artwork in this show:
(currently displaying images from ARTsoup 18 artists)

show dates: MARCH 17 – JULY 16, 2009

Venue: Bayshore Studio
2178 Palou St. (x. Industrial Blvd.) SF, CA
Open to the public M - F, except when in use for a shoot -
Email for availability




Abstract photography explores the vast visual possibilities of alternative interpretations of the environment around us. By pulling back the layers of superficial esthetics contained in what we can see with the plain eye (i.e., the visual cues that identify a car, a house, a person, a chair, etc), through the abstract lens we see images that require imagination. Interpretation of (or connection to) an abstract image places a decreased relevance on (and reliance upon) the questions of what, where, when, and who is being shown in favor of exploring the base components that provide visual information: light, color or shade, shapes, perspective, contrast.
Curator: Matt McKinley

On exhibit through APRIL 17

Featured artist, Lower Level Gallery: Pat Koenigsberg

Also featuring:
Blake Tucker, Ravi Anand, Alis Cummings, Meg Messina, Kirk Brooks, Barbara Landis, JP Fortin

venue: Polarity Post Productions
69 Green Street (x. Battery St.)
hours: 9a - 5p M - F


Studies of the male form in pen and ink wash by William Ulrich at Moby Dick Bar

The work in this exhibit are selections from studies William Ulrich completed at Mark Chester’s Gay Men’s Sketch Group in San Francisco. Inspired by the variety of body types and pushed to ‘keep his hand moving’ by the 15 – 20 minute duration of each held pose, William’s renderings demonstrate a maturing art practice that reveals itself in his loose, deft pen strokes combined with an intrinsic understanding of the lines, volume and energy of the male form.

“Drawing is the basis for everything I do,” William shares, “from gouache/collages on paper to traditional oil paintings. My sketching style is usually pen & ink with a wash of color. I’m inspired by artists and styles ranging from the Renaissance and the Romantics to Andy Warhol and vintage porn. As a graphic designer, I am influenced by advertising, fashion and technology.”

On exhibit through APRIL 8

Venue: Moby Dick Bar
4049 Hartford St (x 18th St) SF
Hours: 2p – 2a, 7 days / week


Floral paintings by Jeanine Christman

“I translate my experience of nature… the life that is felt in the mystery of the moment into my art creations. Moved by passion to convey this experience continues to drive me. Getting closer each time is a reward ... and it is in this "trying" that true talent and creativity deepen. Sharing this talent becomes the gift to my clients ... and to myself.“ – J. Christman

On exhibit through APRIL 28

venue: Nova Bar and Restaurant
555 Second St (x. Brannan)
hours: M - F 11:30 - 2p; M - Sat 4p - 2a


The ‘Serenity’ Series, sponsored by UCSF Center of Excellence, invites 6 Bay Area artists to present a body of work that interprets the idea of ‘serenity’ in order to inspire relaxation, well-being and calm. Curator: Matt McKinley

Featuring: Xuan My Ho, Philip Hall, Rodney Thompson, Dan Baumbach, Katherine Kodama, Victoria Q. Legg

On exhibit through APRIL 21

venue: UCSF Center for Reproductive Health Floors 3 & 7
2356 Sutter St (x. Divisadero) SF, CA
hours: 11a - 2p M - F or by appointment (contact McKinley Art Solutions)


Macrobotanical photography by Richard Tauber

Creativity with lighting and lensing is Richard's life long passion and informs both his commercial and personal work. Experience has taught him that the choice of lens defines how a subject is rendered and the lighting sets the mood and creates the emotion of the photo. This collection of macrobotanical images demonstrates that light and lens are the essence of creative photography.

On exhibit through MAY 1

Venue: XYZ / W Hotel
181 3 rd Street SF, CA
hours: lunch and dinner daily, weekend brunch for details




On exhibit through MARCH 3

Graphite and colored pencil drawings by Cheryl McDonald

“Each image is an expression of emotion and experiences I have been through; a journal of life and what my perception of it is. I use contemporary cultural symbols to express universal concepts and allow the viewer to make up the details of the story on their own.” – C. McDonald

Venue: Mezzanine Gallery at Hotel Triton
342 Grant Ave (x. Bush)
gallery hours: 24 / 7
Wine tasting provided by Hotel Triton


On exhibit through MARCH 10

Oil and wax paintings by Wendy Robushi

“I often work with repetition, particularly the repetition of one symbol, a word, or a series of words or statements in linear or grid patterns. I add layers of color and wax, painting, drawing and scratching to create multi-layered surfaces that can be almost 3-dimensional. While working in this repetitive manner, the creating of the piece becomes a visual mantra for me, and the creation of the painting has as much importance as the finished work.” – W. Robushi

Venue: 2223 Restaurant
2223 Market St. (x. 16 th)
Hours: 5:30 - 9:30p Su - Th; 11pm F, Sa;
Sun brunch: 11a – 2p


On exhibit through MARCH 17

ARTsoup 18
A diverse sampling of work in all media by
local and national artists promoted to film and commercial
companies for sale and project-based rental.

featuring: John Ebersole, Kelly White, Sharon Sittloh, Adrienne Defendi, Toban Nichols, Matt Sarconi, Kathryn Arnold, Shawndeya, Patti Zimmer, Bill Edmonds

view images:

Venue: Bayshore Studio
2178 Palou St. (x. Industrial Blvd.) SF, CA
Open to the public M - F, except when in use for a shoot -
Email for availability




Limited edition 40 color serigraph of President Barack Obama by New York and LA based artist Chaz Guest is available in the San Francisco Bay Area exclusively through McKinley Art Solutions.

View image:

Can be accessed by following this link:

Upcoming Submission Deadlines:
DEADLINE MAR 6 - CIIS Emerging Artist Juried Competition
DEADLINE MAR 6 - A Moments Peace
DEADLINE APRIL 1 - Control (juried by Guerilla Girls West)


This registry will be used to select artists for a range of new public art opportunities associated with the construction of new civic buildings, parks and playgrounds as well as transportation and streetscape improvement projects.

Eligibility is open to professional, practicing artists residing in the nine San Francisco Bay Area counties. Previous public art experience is not required and artists working in all media are encouraged to apply.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday, March 23, 2009, 5:00 PM (PST)
Applicant workshop:
WHEN: Saturday, March 7, 2009?10 – 11:30 AM?
WHERE: 25 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 70 (Lower Level)? San Francisco, CA 94102

More information: