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Riding The Wave Of Cultural Ch-Ch-Changes

During times of change, and my personal politics not withstanding, I’m extremely curious to see where art settles into our country’s consciousness in the aftermath of the biggest election in years. With my populist mentality concerning the overarching necessity of art in ALL WALKS of life, I’ve spent some time concentrating on the potential positive energy that change can bring. Let’s hope I’m right.
Art lives on!

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Thursday, November 6 6p – 8p A FIRST THURSDAY event!
Individual receptions for each artist on floors 3, 4, 5, respectively

FLORA – Work that captures the beauty, mystery and captivating essence of plants and flowers. Curated by Matt McKinley

Featured artists: Blake Tucker, Greta & Manu Schnetzler, Tim Fleming

Venue: The Mezzanine Gallery at Hotel Triton 342 Grant Ave (x. Bush St) SF, CA
Hours: 9a – 5p M – F

On exhibit through JANUARY 7, 2009

Wednesday, November 12 5p – 7p

DAY OF THE DEAD – photography by Maria Bartola Mejia

Maria Bartola Mejia considers herself a documentary photographer, pushing the boundaries of how to connect with her subjects in found scenarios rather than staged or posed settings.

This exhibit features images from Maria Bartola Mejia’s journey to capture the spirit of the people that participate in the unique cultural celebration, Day Of The Dead.

Venue: The Mezzanine Gallery at Hotel Triton, 342 Grant Ave (x. Bush St.) SF, CA
Hours: 24 / 7

On exhibit through DECEMBER 10


TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 18 5:30 – 7p
Reception for the artists on held on floor 3 AND floor 7

SERENITY (Fall 08)

Serenity, Fall 08 is the fourth installment of the Serenity series sponsored by UCSF Center of Excellence at The Center for Reproductive Health. Each part in the series invites 6 Bay Area artists to present a body of work that interprets the idea of ‘serenity’ in order to inspire relaxation, well-being and calm. Curator: Matt McKinley

venue: UCSF Center for Reproductive Health Floors 3 & 7
2356 Sutter St (x. Divisadero)
Hours: 11a – 2p M – F or by appointment (contact McKinley Art Solutions)

Featured artists: Natasha Dikareva, Elaine Toland, Mira M. White, Stefanie Atkinson, Sarah Haba, Kazuyo Leue

On exhibit through JANUARY 20, 2009



- mixed media paintings by Asha Menghrajani

show dates: OCTOBER 30 - JANUARY 28, 2009

venue: Nova Bar and Restaurant
555 Second St (x. Brannan)
hours: M - F 11:30 - 2p; M - Sat 4p - 2a

In her paintings, Asha presents chaos as the perfection that it is, allowing for complete surrender. Her painting transports you from reality to a vibrant, mystical and abstract world, where you are the story teller, creating and interpreting your own stories.

"My process in painting is one which is more meditative and intuitive. I experience calmness, peacefulness and solitude. I believe that making art feels good and brings pleasure to others. Looseness and uncertainty, above all, are important to my interpretation of the mysterious energy of the spirit." – Asha Menghrajani

JOAN MIRO – sumi ink & brush paintings

Show dates: NOVEMBER 19 – JANUARY 14, 2008
Reception: Wednesday, December 17 5:30 – 7p

Venue: 2223 Restaurant
2223 Market St. (x. 16 th)
Hours: hours: 5:30 - 9:30p Su - Th; 11pm F, Sa; 11a - 2p Sun brunch

“My work reflects my ongoing fascination with the grace of a line, the shapes in nature and the human spirit. Many years ago I created a method of making mono prints by painting on glass with a sumi brush and sumi ink. A piece of rice paper is then rubbed on the glass and one print is pulled. These images capture a moment of beauty and grace.

In my never ending search for those special moments, I travel, take photographs, do art, reach out to people and always remember to see!”
– Joan Miro




ARTsoup 17 - A diverse sampling of work in all media by
local and national artists promoted to film and commercial
companies for sale and project-based rental.

featuring: Asha Menghrajani, Eric Feathers, Eric Bohr, Gianfranco Paolozzi, Corina Marie Howell, Alex Shonkoff, Nad Wolinska, Yoko Mazza, Daniel Malone, Aisjah Hopkins

show dates: SEPTEMBER 30 – DECEMBER 16, 2008

Venue: Bayshore Studio 2178 Palou St. (x. Industrial Blvd.)
Open to the public M - F, except when in use for a shoot -
call Matt 415.902.9863 to check visiting availability


Photographer Blake Tucker turns his eye towards THE MEN OF THE SAN FRANCISCO SPIKES for this exhibit featuring selections from the upcoming calendar, Men of The San Francisco Spikes.

Show dates: OCTOBER 8 - DECEMBER 3

Venue: Moby Dick Bar 4049 Hartford St (x 18th St) SF
Hours: 2p – 2a, 7 days / week

THERE IS STILL LIFE IN A STILL LIFE – Contemporary variants on the still life genre in iterations from abstraction to realism and all points in between. Curator: Matt McKinley

Featuring: Dannell Powell (featured artist, Lower Level Gallery), Kim Thoman, Anna Seven, Alla Viksne, Heather Hanan, Kirk Brooks, Jane B. Grimm, Kenna Allen, Terence K. Stephens, Jean-Pierre Fortin, Virginia Garcia

Show dates: OCTOBER 4 – JANUARY 10, 2009

Venue: Polarity Post Productions, 69 Green St. (x. Front St.) SF, CA
Hours: 9a – 5p M - F

JEAN WU - mixed media paintings
venue XYZ
181 3rd St (x. Howard)

Show dates: OCTOBER 15 - DECEMBER 12
Reception: Thursday, December 4 6 - 8p (a FIRST THURSDAY event)

"My passion for life and years of training in both music and art motivated me to develop a series of abstract paintings with colors, forms, lines, and strokes all interplaying within a confined space. Much like a unique arrangement of musical notes creates a distinct tonal harmony, each canvas is a visually harmonious arrangement of color combinations designed to be universally understood as well as personally felt and appreciated."
- Jean Wu




Thru NOVEMBER 18: ARCHITECTURAL TEXTURES – photography by Ravi Anand

“I try to explore the elegant geometry in both the natural and the man-made world with my camera. I seek to bring the observer into a visual world that is often inconspicuously familiar. The idea is to encourage the viewer to see our seemingly trivial everyday reality with a spirit of inquiry.” – Ravi Anand

venue: 2223 Restaurant
2223 Market St. (x 16th St) SF
hours: 5:30 - 9:30p Su - Th; 11pm F, Sa; 11a - 2p Sun brunch