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Serenity: Sanctuary poster
featured artists:  
Kathryn Kain - Floor 3 
Stacy Dynan - Floor 4
Rafe Mischel - Floor 5
Marlon Romero Gomez - Floor 6 card image
Marius Starkey - Floor 7
meet the artists: Wed, Jan 27 5:30 - 7:30pm
schedule a tour of the current show


The concept of sanctuary most likely conjures thoughts of an environment, real or imagined, where one feels safe and free from worry.  A place of no judgement or outside expectations, where your inner life becomes enriched because angst and outside pressures are relieved.  Each of the artists participating in SERENITY : SANCTUARY, through unique imagery and process, shares with the audience their personal portal to a sanctuary that encourages uplifted thoughts within a suggested safe space.

Utilizing art’s proven ability to influence the psychological state of clients, staff and practitioners in medical facilities this exhibit, in keeping with the over-arching theme of the ‘Serenity’ series, is a key contributor to creating a welcoming environment at UCSF’s National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health. The exhibit covers 5 floors of the Women's Health Center: 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, which each artist displaying a complete body of work on their respective floor. 

Exhibit runs through May 10, 2016.

About the ‘Serenity’ series at UCSF:

Since 2007, UCSF Center of Excellence and McKinley Art Solutions have presented artists whose work inspires ‘serenity’ in order to facilitate relaxation, well-being and calm.  This quarterly exhibit, curated from a pool of invited and juried participants, is the largest continuous show in the Bay Area focused on promoting the healing capacity of art. The venue, UCSF Women's Health Center, the only nationally designated Center of Excellence in Women's Health in Northern California, is recognized internationally for its expertise in providing comprehensive, specialized care for women's health issues and is recognized as one of the top hospitals in the nation for gynecological care.

venue:  UCSF Center of Excellence in Women's Health
Floors 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7
2356 Sutter St (x. Divisadero) SF, CA
hours:  11a - 2p M - F or by appointment (contact McKinley Art Solutions)











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Husband and wife photographers take on SF


Allen image

Shinn Image

                                 Lennell Allen: Ocean Beach @ Pacheco                                                                                        Wendell Shinn: Bay Bridge #1



Wendell Shinn and Lennell Allen

LENNELL ALLEN- At the edge of the ocean at the edge of the day, color becomes an abstraction: I wait with camera and tripod. I focus on edges of the surf as the waves retreat on shifting sand. I watch the rhythm and motion of the low tide in natural light. Slow exposures layer images of moving color on the digital screen to create a new final image. The colors shift to blue as the light fades; it’s dark and I adjust exposures with the histogram. Whether I am capturing evening seascapes, or chasing drifting feathers on shallow ponds, or focusing ethereal reflections of sunlight through blue bottles, I seek images that suggest an object and an atmosphere. With time and motion, I paint with light.

WENDELL SHINN- In my retirement I find my ‘mid-life’ crisis drawing me back to my early days of creating abstractions of dreamlike worlds instilled by the likes of Disney and Dali. Luckily, I have new tools to extend my fantasy worlds even further and with exactitude and expertise. I am exuberant with the expectation of exploration and creative accomplishments unencumbered by the majority of life’s strife and restrictions.  I’ve found renewed interest in the day-to-day things registered but left unearthed till now and a trove of under estimated photos from decades gone by:  A song by Tom Waits, the life of birds and ravens, fairytale worlds of childhood dreams and Dreamscapes made of panoramas with bird’s eye and worm’s eye views.

through Mar 8

342 Grant Ave
hours: 24 / 7


New exhibits at Sutter Pacific Medical Center 

The Center For Liver Disease
2340 Clay St, Floor 3


Larry Hatfield at Sutter Pacific


I want people to feel the importance of place, to want to go there and experience it. I want them to notice something new or see the familiar in a new light. I want to engender affection for the creation and the thoughtful additions to it. I might show the ugly side of our abuse of it. But as Wendell Berry said in his Jefferson Lecture, It All Turns On Affection, "affection involves us entirely." if we don't have an underlying affection for people and places, we will not be moved to care for them. Landscape Painting can do this, and keep people and places in our imagination, and perhaps hint at the long history and culture associated with place.





Transplant Division
2340 Clay St, Floor 2  


Lisa Fernald Barker Sutter Pacific


Lisa Fernald Barker

I see leaves of green, red roses too, and I think to myself what a wonderful world.

But mostly, I see Coastal Blue. 

I enjoy my time near the coasts the most.    My childhood memories were created on the East Coast of New England, with its display of salty bright blues, lighthouse whites and lobster boat reds. 

Here in Northern California, most of my visual inspiration comes from places along the water.   California provides a beautiful backdrop for an artist.

I also paint the warm colors of wonderful Sedona and the fresh colors of Tahoe, from trips enjoyed with family and friends.

Most of all the teal blue in both of my Sons’ eyes inspire me daily… and I think to myself what a wonderful world.

Sutter Pacific Medical Center
2340 Clay (x. Webster) SF
Floors 2 and 3






WHAT DO YOU LOVE - interactive public art installation by Todd Hanson
location: Valencia St. x. 19th, San Francisco (video 0:51s, courtesy J. Kraft)

Todd invites you to stop by (he's onsite intermittently) to anonymously share what you love.  The responses range from silly to serious!  This project will be ongoing for as long as people are willing to participate (and Todd isn't asked to remove it!).

UPDATE 9.27.11:  The tags have been cut down by persons unknown, however Todd and I hope the project and experience inspires someone to bring it to life in their own neighborhood.  For everyone that participated - THANK YOU!!! 


ART FOR ALL SEASONS '08 RECEPTION VIDEO (courtesy of SOMArts Cultural Center / George Aguilar, run time 9:21):

The Toy Drive resulted in two overflowing barrels of toys this holiday season!  Thank you to all who participated.  
Our Guitar Heroes ranged in age from 7 to 84 - rock on, superstars! (watch for my leg kick in the video..)
Tenuta di Arceno's Chianti was a surprise hit and Obsello's Absinthe provided warmth on a cold winter day..
The Kid's Art Gallery showed that art is alive in the next generation with works featuring figurative to abstract forms.
 and, yes, artwork was sold!