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I am a colorful Expressionist, with interests in fantasy, archetypes, and abstracted landscapes. I like my abstracts to be able to be hung four different ways. I like to think I help fulfill feng shui requirements by painting with purple which, when placed in the southeast corner, brings good fortune in your chosen field of expertise.

Paintings can be painted as prayers and I admit I do this. Think of them as visually feeling through some kind of inter-dimensional feeling points and you'll see some narratives that uniquely yours.

I never plan or draw before beginning to paint. I am wide open to possibilities, probabilities and utter fantasies. I am probably singing.

Heather Hanan matriculated at Santa Rosa Junior College, Sonoma State University and College of Marin with Art Studio and Performing Arts majors, '68-'97 She is also an ordained minister and teacher of psychics and healers.

On view through Oct 3, 2017


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