Dada Here & Now
Celebrating 100 years of Dada during the 2016 SF International Arts Festival


image Naomie Kremer | Dada Here & Now logo


Matt McKinley and Hanna Regev, curators

Dada Here and Now is an arts extravaganza inspired by and celebrating Dada’s 100th anniversary. This exhibit is presented in conjunction with the 2016 SF International Arts Festival, May 19 - Jun 5 at Fort Mason.

Zurich is not the only city going Gaga over Dada this year! During SFIAF 2016 the artists, performers, musicians, videographers, and other creative types collectively present the imaginative results of being challenged to move beyond the Duchampian idea of ‘retinal’ art to connect and engage a contemporary audience with the enduring, still relevant influence of Dada-inspired thought.

Visual Arts:
Anna Geyer
Antonio Cortez
Carl Heyward + Global Art Project [GAP]:

Carl Heyward(Marin, US), Rosalyn Acosta (US), Maria T. Allocco (US), Mario Catalona (Italy), John Crabtree (UK), Vered Gersztenkorn (Israel), Violet Skipp Haffner (US), Jenny Hynes (Marin, US), Suzanne Jacquot (US), Annie Lindberg (US), Monica Lisi (Italy), Macha Melanie (France), Massimo Mota (Italy), Laura Oh (Korea), Glen Rogers (Mexico), Gregory J. Rose (US), Alvaro Sanchez (Guatemala) image, left, Robert Reed (SF, US), Ron Shelton (US), Akiko Suzuki (Japan), Ron Weijers (Netherlands), Heather Wilcoxon (US), Masani Landfair Wisewaters (US)

Danielle Freakley
Douglas McCulloh
Gil Kuno
Janet Jones
Jonathon Keats
John Held Jr.
Kadet Kuhne
Katya Grokhovsky
Kio Griffith
Mary Corey March
Mauro ffortissimo
Michael Vale
Naomie Kremer
Patrick Rees
Paul Cartier
Rachel Znerold
Tim Roseborough
Tom Dunn
Yoshie Sakai
Steven Wolkoff
Kinetech Arts
Christopher Squier
Edna Mira Raia
Flower Pattern
Igor Josifov
Jasper Patterson
Mauro ffortissimo
Nathalie Brilliant (lead)
Maria Dawn, Hanna Beck, Amy Munz,
Aaron Freedman, Christine Lee
Rosalyn Acosta with Maria T. Allocco
Tim Roseborough
Weidong Yang and Daiane Lopez Da Silva [Kinetech]
image: Kinetech Arts
Yvette Jackson, David Molina, Idris AckamoorMusic:
Yvette Jackson left
David Molina center
Idris Ackamoor right



Public Reception for Dada Here & Now: Thursday, May 26 6 - 9pm

Fort Mason Center For Arts and Culture
2 Marina Blvd SF, CA
venues: Gallery 308, Cowell Theater atrium and lobby
Featured Performers for the Opening Event:
David Molina, Mauro ffortissimo, Rosalyn Acosta & Maria T. Allocco, Jasper Patterson, Steven Wolkoff
Exhibition Dates:
Thursday, May 19 – Sunday, June 5
Exhibition open for public viewing Thursday – Sunday. 
Gallery hours variable by day. Schedule updates here:
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Honoring the centennial of the birth of Dada, this exhibition offers contemporary responses by local, national and international artists to enduring questions first posited by their Dada predecessors.  In 1916 a group of pacifist artists from across Europe, reacting to the political unrest of that time, convened in Zurich and proceeded to jolt the art world through a multi-disciplinary questioning of established norms and academic traditions.  Firmly embracing both the newest technology of the day and the element of chance in the creative process the movement included visual arts, literature, poetry, art manifestos, theory, theater and graphic design all underscored by anti-war politics.  Building upon this conceptual groundwork, the visual and performance artists participating the 2016 SF International Arts Festival blend chance, technology, collaboration and audience interaction to add to the legacy and influence of Dada.

The original Dadaists sought to create ‘anti-art’ that shocked, ridiculed and challenged the status quo in response to the politics that fueled World War I.  They created absurd, colorful, fun art that broke all the rules simply by having no rules.Philosophically, the Dadaist response, both then and now, to the absurdities they perceive is to be mindful of the irrational and utilize the absurdas a guiding force that embraces chance procedures, playfulness, found objects, irony, and whimsical expression while also taking the opportunity to examine context, question purpose, and measure personal values against a perceived societal mean through the use of cutting edge contemporary tools to dialogue with their audience.

These are the challenges put forth to contemporary practitioners of Dada:

Can art successfully challenge a fixed mindset?  Is a dialogue generated by provocative art possible and can it lead to change, co-existence, tolerance, and cooperation?Can artinspired by Dadaism be important or relevant today, or is it something that was of its time?  

The artists, performers, musicians, videographers, and other creative types participating in this exhibition collectively present the imaginative results of being challenged to move beyond the Duchampian idea of ‘retinal art’ and focus on the possibilities within the creative process to introduce or re-imagine philosophies of free thought and creative output as vehicles for intellectual expansion, questioning contemporary notions of what constitutes art Here and Now.