Thursday, September 24, 2009

05:00 PM  
ARTIST'S RECEPTION: 'The City With No Shame' - Katie Gilmartin at Mezzanine Gallery at Hotel Triton





Linocuts by Katie Gilmartin

Show Dates: SEPT 2 – OCT 21, 2009

Artists’ Reception:  THURSDAY, SEPT 24  5:00pm – 7:00pm
wine tasting provided courtesy of Hotel Triton 5 - 6pm
at Hotel Triton
342 Grant Ave (x. Bush St.) SF

The titles, images, and blurbs in the prints I’ve created are a pastiche.  I borrow from existing pulps, add some local color and an occasional autobiographical detail, and mix it all up with my own imagination. I find it a delightful challenge to see how many words like “twisted,” “vortex,” “perversion,” and “twilight,” can be crammed into a single sentence! I gathered a small collection of pulps back when you could pick them up for a few bucks.  I’ve read quite a few, and for the most part judging these books by their covers would be overly charitable.  Nonetheless, the covers express eloquently the social tensions and cultural preoccupations of the era. I find myself drawn to reclaiming pulp art’s busty babes; sex may have been their only source of power, but what delicious domination it was! – Katie Gilmartin