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Daniel Newman - 'Solemn Queen'

Daniel Newman's work utilizes, in abstract and expressionistic forms, various fragments of the urban landscape of his birthplace, San Francisco. Daniel grew up immersed in a world of avant-garde art, jazz, and world music in the home. His father, Jim, founded the Dilexi Gallery in San Francisco (1958-1970) and produced the film "Space is the Place" starring the experimental Jazz musician Sun Ra. Daniel developed his creative vision surrounded by the works of artists such as John Chamberlain, Jay de Feo, Roy De Forest and Alfred Jensen. His artistic approach evolved to include visual art, music and often the intersection between them. Daniel's photographic process involves a persistent scouring of the San Francisco urban, industrial landscape for the uniquely unseen compelling moments of light, texture and form and, often times, decaying elements in the constructed environment. His works are attempts to extract and synthesize the less-seen, yet strangely elegant,fragments of the cityscape in order to reconstruct a neo-vintage, urban aesthetic. Daniel sees industrial monuments and the processes of time as compelling sources, resonating with strong form and textural interest. His works often combine multiple photographic layers of urban imagery forming resonant compositions much like the musical timbres of a jazz quartet.