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John Haines - 'Crown Of Thorns'

Making art is a ritual; there are no guarantees. The imagery I work with is wrought in the surge of the unconscious, and I try to allow both it and myself access. Any image from that place is a living thing, and to be conscious of it often means one must try to pull it into the here and now, like a fisherman hauling his catch from the sea. I work in pursuit of a clearing of moments. The style is sedimentary, an excavation, going after treasures buried. These works are in essence internal landscapes, but they favor the vertical and spatial, more like a core sample. They are maps charting another world, reached solely through the heart of imagination. The shapes, colors, and layering of structures aim to reveal and let resonate another life that is often shadowed by our waking moments, and with success may be born into a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Art is a common thread running throughout our lives, sometimes sewing us together in the midst of a world of impermanence and change. It can be a way of building from the ruin of each previous moment into the next, an ordering amidst the flux, but also a way to live with being undone in the end. Inside the best art something continues, a perpetual gift for the observer to live with and love. Such art makes visible an individual experience of the richness of the archetypal world. It is a means of merging spirit with matter.