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Melissa Karam - 'Darkness Before Dawn I'

Melissa Karam is a San Francisco abstract artist who works primarily in acrylic and mixed media. Though much of her work is non-representational, it is infused with a mix of urban, industrial, and nature-inspired influences. “As a process painter, I experiment with texture, tools, and technique until the essence of the piece emerges. This can happen immediately or over the course of several months. Be it a spontaneous burst of color or a build-up of multiple layers, this initial image informs the rest of the piece and provides direction until it reaches the point of completion. This collection of places and spaces is a balance of dark and light, early and late, familiar and unknown. For me, each painting evokes a memory of time and place. But it is not my intention to lead the viewer to a conclusion. In the end, the interpretation is yours.” - M. Karam