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Ted Cabarga - 'Redwoods II'

Ted Cabarga was born in Columbus, Ohio. He earned a BA in fine art at Queens College, NYC, where he studied painting and design with John Ferren, a noted abstract expressionist of the New York School; and watercolor with Barse Miller, a fellow of the American Watercolor Society. After a long career in commercial art and design, during which time he devoted most of his energy to raising a family, Ted is now retired and has resumed pursuit of his first love, painting. “My paintings are varied and eclectic, ranging from pure abstraction to nature-inspired subjects, including my beloved redwoods in the Santa Cruz area where I now reside. I always look to nature for inspiration, even though the results are often semi-abstract, or what I refer to as ‘metareal’, which I define as going a little beyond nature into the fanciful world of my own visual imagination, which although beholden to nature, does not accept the limitations of realism.”