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Brian Frank Carter - 'Rio Grande K-36'

I was born in Santa Rosa, California in 1939. That makes me a ‘war baby’. I’ve lived in the bAy Area all my life. By the age of seven it became apparent that I could draw well and I’ve been doing art ever since then and will continue to do so as long as I have one eye and one hand. I revel in it. Being autodidactic and not wanting to let public school interfere with my education anymore than it already had, I left both home and school in my junior year at Washington High School in San Francisco. My ‘art school’ education started at the San Francisco Academy of Art, (when it was just one building) and then after four years in the US Navy, I went to the Art Center of Los Angeles. After ten years as a freelance commercial illustrator I stared painting diorama murals for museums. In 1980 and 81 I took the first mountain bike around the world supporting myself with my artwork. I work in acrylic, oil, watercolor, crayon, pen and ink. I look out many windows and I paint for myself.