'Serenity' exhibit series at UCSF Women's Health Center



Sponsored by the UCSF National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health and curated by Matt McKinley, the 'Serenity' series invites Bay Area artists to present a body of work that interprets the idea of ‘serenity’ in order to inspire relaxation, well-being and calm.

With the understanding that wellness is a holistic ideal, these artists create work that will enrich the environment of the Women’s Health Center in order to engage and uplift visitors and staff alike. The exhibit covers 5 floors of the Women's Health Center: 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 which each artist displaying a complete body of work on their respective floor.  
Since 2007 the 'Serenity' series is the San Francisco Bay Area's l longest running exhibit series focused on positive, healing and uplifting artwork.  Curator: Matt McKinley


McKinley Art Solutions and UCSF National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health are pleased to present SERENITY: TRANQUIL PLACE: 

Karen Olsen Dunn - floor 3
Aisjah Hopkins - floor 4
Lena Shey - floor 5
Tisha Kenny - floor 6
Elizabeth Geisler - floor 7

Serenity: Tranquil Place image


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Olsen Dunn image




Floor 3 artist Karen Olsen-Dunn seeks to find the seemingly incongruous beauty created by man’s cumulative mistreatment of nature and nature’s unrelenting drive to persevere. About her process, she explains, “My process is multi-layered. It is a hybrid between analog and digital, painting, monotype printmaking, and everyday iPhone snaps. My work is not precious. With colors bold and plastic by intent, the final composition is an intricate symphony of contemporary clutter, celebrating the vaguely grim effects of a frayed society.”






Hopkins image



Floor 4 artist Aisjah Hopkins is inspired by views from the walking paths and outdoor environments of the San Francisco Bay Area.  A renowned colorist, Aisjah brings the mood and atmosphere of the Bay Area's parks and shoreline to each piece, which range in size from 6" x 8" inches up to 36" x 36".




Shey imageLena Shey, showing on Floor 5, uses oil and acrylic paints to create various symbolic and figurative images for the purpose of spreading the messages of love, hope, peace, unity and happiness. She dedicates her artwork to the healing of our fear, suffering, and separation.

Each painting embodies Lena’s personal and spiritual transformation on her life journey. When she creates a painting she invokes a fluid creative process directed by her consciousness, subconscious, emotions, spiritual learning, and life experiences. Beautiful music such as meditation music, singing bowls and chants bring out the flow of creativity from her.



Kenny imageThe work of Floor 6 artist Tisha Kenny represents a number of different “journeys” in her life that are represented through landscapes of places she has visited or has been inspired to paint. The works represent spiritual journeys through the experience of just doing art, particularly studying brush painting, Impressionism, and Ikebana flower arrangement. 

A breast cancer survivor, Tisha has recently completed a book, Shifting Branches, Shifting Thoughts, Ikebana Flower Arranging, Art and Healing, that includes writings and images of her personal journeys, the role of creativity as an integral part of her life, and spiritual and personal beliefs that have shaped, in her words, “Who I am and how I approach LIFE!”  Tisha will be onsite Thursday, Sept 28 5:30 – 7:30p to introduce her book.


Geisler image

The paintings of Floor 7 artist Elizabeth Geisler are, depending upon viewer proximity, abstract or hyperrealistic. She is intrigued by the intricate patterns on the water surface and how those patterns can convey both movement and stillness. In some cases, it seems as if these reflections create an alternate reality to what we see on land or in the sky. However, beneath the surface, there is a personal element to why she is drawn to paint water. “For me,” Elizabeth shares, “Water represents life, as we cannot survive without it, and it literally flows through all of us.“ 


About the ‘Serenity’ Exhibit Series at UCSF:
Since 2007, UCSF Center of Excellence and McKinley Art Solutions have presented artists whose work inspires ‘serenity’ in order to facilitate relaxation, well-being and calm. This exhibit series, curated from a pool of invited and juried participants, is the largest continuously produced show in the Bay Area focused on promoting the healing capacity of art. The venue, UCSF Women's Health Center, the only nationally designated Center of Excellence in Women's Health in Northern California, is recognized internationally for its expertise in providing comprehensive, specialized care for women's health issues and is recognized as one of the top hospitals in the nation for gynecological care.



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