'Serenity' exhibit series at UCSF Women's Health Center



Sponsored by the UCSF National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health and curated by Matt McKinley, the 'Serenity' series invites Bay Area artists to present a body of work that interprets the idea of ‘serenity’ in order to inspire relaxation, well-being and calm.

With the understanding that wellness is a holistic ideal, these artists create work that will enrich the environment of the Women’s Health Center in order to engage and uplift visitors and staff alike. The exhibit covers 5 floors of the Women's Health Center: 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 which each artist displaying a complete body of work on their respective floor.  
Since 2007 the 'Serenity' series is the San Francisco Bay Area's l longest running exhibit series focused on positive, healing and uplifting artwork.  Curator: Matt McKinley


McKinley Art Solutions and UCSF National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health are pleased to present SERENITY: PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE: 

Marion Maenner - floor 3
  Marianne Owens - floor 4 card image
  Pam Borrelli - floor 5
  Usha Shukla - floor 6
  Shirley Mariani - floor 7

Serenity: Past Present Future card

About the artists:  

Floor 3 artist Marion Maenner creates work that is a treasure chest, a carnival of materials enriched with color and meaning, transferred on to a canvas. You will find vintage pieces, polymer clay, beads, wood, pebbles, shells, paper, fabrics and more. The mosaic inspired mixed media work is based on the versatility of acrylics. I love the bright boldness of acrylic colors and acrylic mediums allow me to alter, seal and preserve fragile ingredients, as well as making it possible to work shells, pebbles and wood onto a canvas.

Floor 4 artist Marianne Owens is drawn to nature and architecture as her subjects. She enjoys photographing urban landscapes as well as the everyday objects that we see so frequently that we may no longer notice their unique qualities. It is her passion to capture images that convey a mood and engage the interest and imagination of the viewer.

The photographs in this collection were taken along the coast of California from Santa Cruz to Mendocino Counties. Marianne shares, “Walking in nature brings me peace and balance in my life. I’m inspired by the possibility of discovering new landscapes and sharing the incredible beauty that nature provides for us everywhere, every day.”

Pam Borrelli, showing on Floor 5, is drawn to subjects that have at first glance a subtle, simple beauty. Pam finds the artistic challenge in using the camera to capture and reveal often-unnoticed complexities of the subject, never certain of what details and secrets might be exposed. “Each time I peer through the viewfinder,” explains Pam, “I sense the near magical power the camera possesses, its capacity to surprise and deepen our awareness as it reveals new perspectives, even wonder, about the familiar.”

The work of Floor 6 artist Usha Shukla distills the light, the intense colors, and the constant movement in nature. The final visual is pure, ethereal, and cosmic with no physical references. Her paintings are the representation of a harmonious balance of a subconscious landscape and the physical world.

Floor 7 artist Shirley Mariani expresses herself by bringing memories of her past into her present life. She loves abstract and calls it both a piece of heaven and a representation of herself.  "I think I've been abstract my whole life and it's a representation of how I see all things.  I did abstract things. In fact, I think my whole life has been an abstraction. As a child on the farm I would work in the garden and I would think, vegetables are strange, unique, curious. Whereas the barn, which you see often in my work, represented stability for me."  Reflections of rural living are prominent in Mariani's art works. From chairs, rockers, porches, and porch swings to barns, farm animals, gardens and fields, clotheslines and family, she creates abstracted patchwork quilts out of her past.


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About the ‘Serenity’ Exhibit Series at UCSF:
Since 2007, UCSF Center of Excellence and McKinley Art Solutions have presented artists whose work inspires ‘serenity’ in order to facilitate relaxation, well-being and calm. This exhibit series, curated from a pool of invited and juried participants, is the largest continuously produced show in the Bay Area focused on promoting the healing capacity of art. The venue, UCSF Women's Health Center, the only nationally designated Center of Excellence in Women's Health in Northern California, is recognized internationally for its expertise in providing comprehensive, specialized care for women's health issues and is recognized as one of the top hospitals in the nation for gynecological care.



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