'Serenity' exhibit series at UCSF Women's Health Center



Sponsored by the UCSF National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health and curated by Matt McKinley, the 'Serenity' series invites Bay Area artists to present a body of work that interprets the idea of ‘serenity’ in order to inspire relaxation, well-being and calm.

With the understanding that wellness is a holistic ideal, these artists create work that will enrich the environment of the Women’s Health Center in order to engage and uplift visitors and staff alike. The exhibit covers 5 floors of the Women's Health Center: 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 which each artist displaying a complete body of work on their respective floor.  
Since 2007 the 'Serenity' series is the San Francisco Bay Area's largest and longest running quarterly exhibit focused on positive, healing and uplifting artwork.  Curator: Matt McKinley

Serenity: Sanctuary poster
featured artists:  
Pat Wipf - Floor 3 
Sofia Carmi - Floor 4
Michele de la Menardiere - Floor 5
Jennifer Berkowitz - Floor 6 card image
Veerakeat Tongpaiboon - Floor 7
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The concept of sanctuary most likely conjures thoughts of an environment, real or imagined, where one feels safe and free from worry.  A place of no judgement or outside expectations, where your inner life becomes enriched because angst and outside pressures are relieved.  Each of the artists participating in SERENITY : SANCTUARY, through unique imagery and process, shares with the audience their personal portal to a sanctuary that encourages uplifted thoughts within a suggested safe space.

Utilizing art’s proven ability to influence the psychological state of clients, staff and practitioners in medical facilities this exhibit, in keeping with the over-arching theme of the ‘Serenity’ series, is a key contributor to creating a welcoming environment at UCSF’s National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health. The exhibit covers 5 floors of the Women's Health Center: 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, which each artist displaying a complete body of work on their respective floor. 

Exhibit runs through May 10, 2016.

About the ‘Serenity’ series at UCSF:

Since 2007, UCSF Center of Excellence and McKinley Art Solutions have presented artists whose work inspires ‘serenity’ in order to facilitate relaxation, well-being and calm.  This quarterly exhibit, curated from a pool of invited and juried participants, is the largest continuous show in the Bay Area focused on promoting the healing capacity of art. The venue, UCSF Women's Health Center, the only nationally designated Center of Excellence in Women's Health in Northern California, is recognized internationally for its expertise in providing comprehensive, specialized care for women's health issues and is recognized as one of the top hospitals in the nation for gynecological care.

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