Mezzanine Gallery at Hotel Triton
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Marius Starkey                            

Dec 20, 2016 - Feb 6, 2017

"For the past two years, I’ve been working on a series of oil paintings that behold the richness of color and energy of brush strokes to reveal the various aspects of the ocean.   Some of the paintings are sardonic in tone and others explode with the underlying energy and violence of the ocean – all using the language of flowing waves. " ~ M. Starkey


all inquiries to:

Matt McKinley | McKinley Art Solutions
(415) 902-9863

Tide Flow” Oil On Canvas 28”x 34”  $2500

Cambria” Oil On Canvas 30”x40” $2500.00

“Ocean Wave” Oil On Canvas 16”x20”” $500.00

“After The Storm” Oil On canvas 28”x 34” $2500.00

“Ocean Marsh” Oil On Canvas 30”x 40” $2500.00

“Sol” Oil On Canvas 30”x40”  $2500.00

“ White Caps” Oil On Canvas 30”x40” $3000

Transparent Currents” Oil On Canvas 52” x 52”  $3000.00

“Green Ocean Water” Oil On Canvas 28” x 40” $2000.00

Poetry Of Water” Oil On Canvas 36” x 28” $2000.00

Ocean Movement” Oil On Canvas “48 x 48 $5000.00

“Transparent Beach” Oil on canvas 42”x42” $3000.00

sales tax added to all purchases